My name is Kel, I'm 17 and from London. Hi :) my blog is basically a reflection of me, so yay if you like it and bye if you don't.

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I got so excited when I saw this on Rehab’s Facebook page ahahah such a good night! P.S. I’m in the middle with the blazer and white shirt onnnn
yep it snows in my house I WANT CHRISTMAS SO BAD 
got my jumper in the post today yayay
my extreme laziness this summer has lead to a serious cba in the hair-straightening department so curly hair/lions mane for you tumblr. o yeah and i tried to be all cool but ended up looking cross eyed so i cut out my eyes lol, clearly my cool factor is at an A.
mug shot teehee
taken by at a party a few weeks ago, I absolutely love this and my friends<3
My Harry Potter T-Shirt came! ‘scuse the pout :)
my double finger cross ring arrived in the post woo woo. off to watford to hand out some cv’s :) 
my baby brother’s 8 months today, time goes by so quickly. I love him.
shorts I won off eBay waheey
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